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Engagement Story
Engagement: December 18, 2005
     Chloe and I got all dressed up to go to see the Nutcracker play. Afterward I explained that we would be going up to see the Sunset at Mount Bonnell. (The last time I was home Chloe had taken me up there to give me a cheesecake and celebrate me learning that I would be a Marine Corps aviator. We missed the sunset that night so I told her we were going to make up for missing that sunset.) The proposal!
     I was worried about timing because I was planning on having family and friends arrive at Mt. Bonnell after Chloe and I had gotten there so she didn't see anybody. Also, I had it set up with Liz for her to be set up in a pre-determined spot where she could catch the moment on film for us. As we turned onto 2222 from Mopac Chloe turns to me and says “hey isn’t that Liz?” Either I was running a bit early or Liz was running a bit late but either way she was in the car next to us and heading in the same direction.
I thought the gig was up, I only knew of one road up to Mt Bonnell but fortunately for me Liz was a bit more versed in the area. She turned off and I tried to play it off like nothing happened. I just kind of figured that I wasn't going to have pictures of the event actually taking place. (Liz ended up taking a back road to Mt Bonnell and made it into position before Chloe and I got there.) She said yes!
     We got to the base of the steps and started to make our way up. I was just about to start up the steps when I saw my mom coming down the road in her car and I started freaking again but she saw me and backed off before Chloe got wise.
     After climbing the steps we went to the left to sit in the spot I had chosen earlier in the week, partly because of the view and partly because it gave Liz a good spot to take pictures of us. We sat down and I tried to make small talk waiting for the sun to go down a little more and waiting for more of our family and friends to show up and set up at the top of the hill. This time was the most stressful for me because Chloe was being kind of a pain in the butt. There were other people around and she wanted to be more alone. She kept trying to talk me into going to the other side of the hill. That was out of the question for me because to do that would mean to go right through the area I knew my mom was setting up our reception. Chloe was particularly adamant and more than once almost got up and went on her own.
     Finally I decided I had waited long enough, and I got Chloe up and took her closer to the edge and got down on one knee.  I had a line planned but I don’t think I got more than a couple words out. Chloe got the picture, started crying, and said yes.
     After an embrace I told Chloe that we had dinner reservations and started back up the hill. By this time it had gotten fairly dark. I lead Chloe up the stairs and was as surprised as she was. The area we had picked out for the “reception” was a stone picnic table and my mom had done it up in style. Candles were all over the table along with flowers and flower petals champagne and more. It was really pretty. Chloe just kind of started crying and dug her head into my chest. After the initial shock and surprise we spent 30 to 45 min with everyone that had come.
Group Picture!
     After the “reception” Chloe and I went to dinner at Carmelo's where we had gone to dinner before our first prom together. We had a nice quiet dinner together, though we got some strange looks from the wait staff (when I made the reservation I explained that I would be proposing that night, possibly in the restaurant if the weather didn’t cooperate with me before then.)
     On our way out I called my sister. Earlier in the week I had made a copy of Chloe’s house key and gave it to Hallie so that she could decorate Chloe’s place before we came back. Hallie and Dury went in and spread flower petals all around Chloe’s little efficiency and lit candles in every nook and cranny. They did a magnificent job. Chloe and I arrived minutes later and Chloe got another surprise. (I had to make sure she knew that Hallie and Dury had just left because I knew she would freak out about lit candles around her apartment and under things.)
     All in all everything went about as well as could be hoped for and I will remember it my entire life!